- Health care
HealthBail aims to address the needs of the general public to have direct and immediate access to recommendations and best practices in order to formulate a healthy attitude in their everyday activities and shape a wellbeing behaviour by establishing a preventive social and personal awareness in order to effectively defend from health related risks and issues. The project delivers the HealthBail Platform, which enables people, who want to shape a healthy behaviour, called as the healthy behaviour adopters, interact with professionals in the health care domain, such as medical experts and doctors, by taking advantage of the best practices and exchange of views in order to build a healthy personal profile.
More specifically, the objectives of the HealthBail project are:
  • Enable healthy behaviour adopters share their symptoms and health care problems in an anonymous way.
  • Build a single point of reference for the professionals in the health care community to interact with each other, share views, comments and scientific results and provide evidence-based recommendations, which receive unanimity of the other experts in the area.
  • Enhance the access of the general public and the healthy behaviour adopters to the professionals’ knowledge about health self-monitoring practices and early warning situations.
Project details
Status Working Prototype/Technology
Founded January 2015
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