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A novel multi-language training platform supporting talent management and training program marketplace: Metis will design and develop Athena, a novel e-learning platform that a) supports multiple languages (six at the end of the proposed project and easily expandable to additional immediately after the project lifetime) and device independence (exploiting the wide smartphone basis), b) supports easy management of large number of training programs addressed to groups of trainees or associations of companies (groups of groups of trainees), enabling significant resource savings as companies can share training costs, c) supports mapping of training programs to skills according to the European Qualification Framework, facilitating the processes of Human Resource departments and d) implements a Vocational Training Marketplace that enables the matchmaking among the training interests and training service providers. In this marketplace, the training providers (companies, universities or other organisations) declare the training programs they offer and the associated skills and the companies and/or individuals declare the skills they are interested in triggering the creation of training programs.
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Founded July 2015
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