BRAIM is the only creative solution for Teachers and Students to develop, evaluate and certify digital and communication skills.
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BRAIM is the first integral solution for the education and e-learning sector allowing the acquisition, evaluation and certification of the digital skills of teachers, students and schools, according to the European standards of quality defined in and in the official curriculums of EU members countries.
BRAIM will help students, teachers and schools overcome key barriers to become digital professionals, alleviating the existing gap between the technology and the technological expertise of the teacher, and stimulating creativity and proactive learning attitudes of the students. Even more importantly BRAIM will contribute to the establishment of standards for the acquisition and evaluation of digital skills at EU level.
BRAIM will be composed of 4 modules: BRAIM e-portfolio / BRAIM Creative / BRAIM Analytics and Certify / BRAIM Marketplace. It is prepared for Future Internet principles by embedding 5 FIWARE innovative technologies into this flexible and modular structure.

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Founded February 2011
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