3dVET is a novel Vocational Education and Training (VET) platform that is very easy-to-use, supports 3D educational material and social interactions.
România - Lms, E-training
ACCORD ELECTRONICS will develop 3dVET, a novel Vocational Education and Training (VET) platform that: a) Is very easy-to-use (primarily for trainees but also for trainers) supporting at least four languages (English, German, Romanian and Hungarian) and easily expandable to other languages b) Supports 3D educational material (e.g. allowing the trainer to embed 3D objects in the training material and the trainee to rotate these objects), which is of particular importance if we take into account the products of ACCORD ELECTRONICS, the industrial sectors that are active and the high education drop-out rates in the considered market. c) Supports social interactions both between the trainees and among the trainees and the trainers to enable continuous communication towards prompt problem solving, provision of assistance and of continuous update on the availability of training material and courses. d) Supports the mapping of training courses to the qualification frameworks and social interactions with enterprises towards employment negotiations.

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Status Running
Founded July 2015
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