Valencia, España - E-training, E-learning
Brainstorm provides industry-leading real-time interactive 3D graphics solutions for broadcast, feature film production and real-time graphics presentations.  Through TrainStorm, BrainStorm aims at exploiting the FI-PPP outcomes to build a corporate learning management system that significantly facilitates a) the creation of learning material that integrates 3D objects, b) the set-up and customization of training workflows, c) the thorough assessment of the trainees and their support through visualised learning analytics and d) the communication between the trainer and the trainee even after the training procedure has been completed, establishing a learning network that will allow the members to share knowledge and provide feedback. TrainStorm enables knowledge transfer through social collaboration between the trainer and the trainee, among the trainees belonging to the same or different companies through the TrainStorm Training Hub. BrainStorm will develop this novel corporate training platform primarily to improve the training services it offers to its customers and resellers, considering that fast and efficient training on new products is mandatory for the market penetration. Additionally, it considers launching it as standalone product given the predicted growth of Learning Management Systems market worldwide. 
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Founded April 2015
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