People as fieldworkers. An ICT platform for crowdsourced forest management
Madrid, España - Forest, Pests, Diseases, Investigations, Citizen science, Invasive, Researchers
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A citizen science innovative project for fighting forest pests and diseases in Europe, helping specialists in the field work, for new actions and investigations

Forest 112 is an alert and monitoring citizen system for pests and forest diseases, which lead to suppose the basis for researchers in phytosanitary issues. The objective of the project is to establish a scientific volunteers citizen network, using new technologies to learn, and supply and visualize pests and forest diseases in Europe data.

Thus, with this project, a task traditionally taken only by technical public administration services, will be shared and performed by citizenship. Training contents will enhance volunteers to perform these tasks properly.

Citizen science may be performed by individuals, teams, or networks of volunteers. Citizen scientists often partner with professional scientists to achieve common goals. Large volunteer networks often allow scientists to accomplish tasks that would be too expensive or time consuming to accomplish through other means.

This project allows scientific teams to monitorize and supervise task performed by volunteers, to assure the scientific validity of the results obtained with this tool.

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Founded April 2015
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