Help the immigrants to find and understand info on basic services. Harness the power of crowd to create and maintain resource maps. Exploit new trends in translation technology....
Rome, Italy - Health care, Crowdsourcing, Education, Software, Internationalization
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FAIRVILLAGE was launched to promote the social and cultural integration of immigrants, by making easier to find and understand information on basic services; the project focused on healthcare and education, as these constitute fundamental rights and conditions for integration. It applied collaboration and language-processing technologies on which we are building a promising business line.

FAIRVILLAGE exploited the service-oriented architecture of FI-WARE by using several generic enablers, including the Object Storage GE and the POI Data Provider GE, of which we made a new implementation.

FAIRVILLAGE has developed two products, FV-ResourceMap and FV-WIP.
  • FV-ResourceMap supports the creation and operation of resource maps: rich, geo-referenced, multilingual, socially maintained information bases describing resources present on the territory of a large city. This product was first deployed in Rome both as a web platform and a mobile app; social operators, individual immigrants and foreign communities were engaged in the cataloguing of health-related structures, schools, courses of “Italian as a second language” (L2) and other resources.
  • FV-WIP, Website i18n Platform (i18n = internationalization) is a suite of tools supporting the collaborative translation of websites up to the deploying of proxy sites for several target languages. Translation proxy is an approach to the translation of a web site that operates from outside, by intercepting the request for a web page and serving to the user a page containing translated content.

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Founded July 2015
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