Integrative personalized eHealth platform providing solutions for chronic diseases
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Chronic diseases are a huge problem in Europe with 1 out of 3 adults suffering, costing Billions to the health system and hurting the lives of millions. Most current treatments are based on recommendations by a GP or local specialist, whereas the actual best solutions are integrative: combining traditional medicine, alternative treatments and lifestyle changes.  So why are so many people not receiving this treatment? Because they have no access to these options in an easy, reliable and comprehensive way. The amount of information online is overwhelming, making it virtually impossible to find reliable and trustworthy new solutions. Even when the information is found it is difficult to find a doctor or a therapist to try the new findings. noviQr is a platform destined to change all of that. It is the first comprehensive eHealth platform providing personalized, integrative lifestyle-changing solutions to people that suffer from chronic diseases, enabling them to immediately find and try new solutions with top professionals all in one place.
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Founded July 2015
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