Cloud platform for the analysis of Migraine Data based oN MobilE ApplicaTions, Social Media and Wearables (MigraineNet)
MigraineNet is a cloud-based mobile application that allows migraine patients to get deep insights on the causes and most suitable relief methods, until they access medical aid....
Kallithea, Greece - Health care
Currently, there has been an increasing need for developing technology that may realize new disruptive business models reducing healthcare delivery cost, opening up the access to (self-)care and driving a healthier lifestyle adoption. Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes both medical costs and loss of productivity, while it also has significant negative societal impacts. To that respect, this project will deliver a novel mobile application that will increase awareness with respect to migraines and provide personalized information on the causes and first aid in terms of (self-)treatment. The associated cloud platform will exploit 3 heterogeneous kinds of information: a) rich data coming from social media or existing mobile applications, so as to aggregate the past experience of the individuals and build knowledge on causes and treatment; b) personal information such as the individual’s sex, age, habits and other known medical/environmental/working conditions and c) information from wearable devices that makes health monitoring be pervasive and seamless. The platform will be built and validated using the FI-PPP technologies and enablers, e.g., for the development of knowledge building mechanisms, while a sustainability plan will be provided elaborating on how the project intends to reach its market potential.
Project details
Status Well Defined
Founded April 2015