Greece - E-training, E-learning, Lms
Continuous and lifelong education and training are vital to business sustainability within nowadays’ quickly changing market reality. In OPTIMUM S.A. we recognise the e-training benefits in the market arena, since we already provide training services for our aberon software solution for warehouse management and automation. However, we also recognize the need for introducing a flexible e-training platform with a high level of customization, providing expert training services.
QualiFI aims at qualifying employees through lifelong training, building upon FI-PPP outcomes. QualiFI targets the prosperous and highly promising e-learning market equipped with a quiver of FIWARE GEs and SEs, which will be integrated into an innovative FIWARE-based learning management system. QualiFI will cover the full-fledged functionality of e-training with Training, Assessment, Social Interaction and Customization of high level
with multi-language support. QualiFI will also encompass innovative methods into the training processes, such as talent management to maximize the training effectiveness in the business environment. Finally, QualiFI will enable inter-disciplinary knowledge transfer among diverse companies through the QualiFI Training Store.
Project details
Status Running
Founded February 2015