is award winning, innovative chat messaging and social platform. converts text messages into interactive multimedia video
Ireland - Mobile, Social media, Video
Large_my_bippme is award winning, innovative chat messaging and social platform. The user which usually gets a text message, in our case will be substituted with the animated character which will be chosen by the sender of the message that will pronounce the message. Our primary target group are youngsters. Fun part is designed primarily for entertainment, communication between friends, creativity, and creating common animation cartoon in a way that exchange messages among users. Once the user accepts speaking postcard from a friend, immediately can be forwarded to other contacts. Additional to this, every postcard or communication between friends can be uploaded on the web platform where all users can see the video, rate it, commented or share it with their friends. At the end we will create "youtube" of all chat messages. Our application will have social aspect as well. The application will have gamification mechanism with internal coins. Every user that will invite friend will get coins which can be used to purchase virtual goods (e.g characters, stickers ...). This mechanism will help us to build the network. Our platform we will introduce marketplace for designers. Designers will have opportunity to create their own sticker, characters, background, and to sell it to our clients based on B2B2C model. The stickers will be personalized, which give us unparalleled advantage over the competitors. Chat messaging applications have never been so popular as they are now. There are many different chat applications, some of them are used by youngsters for fun (whatsapp, wechat, line,...) and there are traditional chat applications (skype, viber, googlehangout, chaton). The trend is that all traditional chat messaging applications are moving towards "fun apps"  (viber introduced stickers). This trend is driven by the huge usage of chat by the youngest population.
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Founded April 2014
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