A hub for interconnection and interaction between hardware and software objects.
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Jubito is a front-end implementation of the open source jaNET framework. In our days, devices for the home such as remote controlled appliances, lights, cameras, controllers, sensors and more are available for the mass. However, smarthome scenarios are limited to expert hobbyists or to those who can afford expensive commercial solutions. The closed nature of such systems means that they cannot extend from the end-user and cannot control from a centralized point. Jubito aims to bridge this gap by presenting users with a server-like abstraction for technology in the home. It enables cross-device tasks via customized Instruction Sets written against the framework, and gives users a management interface designed for the home environment.

Assistive domotics is a field where home automation allows people to stay comfortable at home but can also offer possibilities such as increased safety (access control, intrusion detection), robotics, etc. jaNET framework provides multiple functions and APIs that Jubito can use in order to interact with multiple vendor hardware (especially open hardware, e.g. Arduino). It is designed to be absolutely vendor-neutral as well as hardware/protocol-agnostic and can run on any device that is capable of running .NET Framework or mono-runtime (Linux, Windows, Mac). Using Jubito one can take control of its system via a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or anything can connect to the internet/intranet. The use of Jubito is to provide an intuitive user interface for control and manage an abundance of different technologies via a centralized system. The advantage of the tool lies in their ease of use and the usability that is offered by its ecosystem, so that anyone can very quickly set up his controlled environment. No extra programming is required, but someone with that skill can easily adapt its own modules.


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Status Have a prototype
Founded March 2013
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