Confi - vision of social network gathered around useful tool for event attendees and organizers. A mobile app with info, networking and audience interactivity features
Bratislava, Slovakia - Conferences, Events
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We made CONFI, your own event organiser, to help you make your event the best experience it can be. Try it out yourself! Every event organiser desires to create his/her own mobile application for the event. Today it is not necessary. We have prepared a system for creating your own event mobile app, with your visual identity such colour and logos. By simply filling in the information about the logistics, agenda and speakers you will get an instant pocket guide for your attandees. Furthermore, we provide a networking platform for the attendees to exchange contacts and organise meetings. Not enough yet? Well than let your attendees ask questions directly to the speaker by one simple tap on their smartphone!
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Founded May 2013
Project Details


Previous funding: 40,000