Pervasive Ageing IoT Care
Disappearing and Comfortable Technology for Elderly.
Rome, Italy - Health care, Social care, Wellness
As technology moves forward and data-transmission networks develop, the Internet of Things (IoT) can now evolve from the Machine to Machine (M2M) concept to a Person to Machine (P2M) relationship. New products and services that utilize the powerful interaction between smart objects (with sensors) and people will revolutionize the health, social care, and wellness markets bringing real economic benefits and improving process effectiveness. We propose to develop an innovative platform that utilizes smart, networked sensors and monitors to transform elder’s homes into a smart assisted living environment, making elders more independent and letting doctors, professional caretakers and relatives keep tabs from afar. Our product does not require any special hardware to be carried by the elders; already existing hardware products commonly available to the market are used to monitor the daily activities of the elders. Our product relies on a well-defined set of well-tested algorithms to provide real-time intelligence and continuously analyze the data collected and detect with high confidence any emergency situation at the home. We deliver a system that creates awareness between families, especially for taking care of the elderly and frail living alone.
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Status New
Founded April 2015
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