Use the food culture as a vehicle to promote awareness and cultural integration and create an ethnic market-place and community.
Rome, RM, Italia - Food, Social media, Education
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BREAD project developed a multilingual knowledge sharing and e-commerce platform fully integrated with a social networks environment to implement foodways ( market-place & community managed by the devoted innovative start-up company seides ( Food experience is the baseline for some significant value-added chain and creates a large business ecosystem. Actors of this ecosystem and customers of  foodways are:  restaurants, food shops, citizens, tourists, etc. In the same time the project mobilizes all the world around the multicultural and immigrants dimension, that is composed by no-profit organizations, social actors, governmental, regional and local institutions. Eating is always permeated with meaning and what we eat is a powerful symbol of what we are: our ethnicity, social, cultural, and religious also passes through the food code, one of the most powerful, if not the largest, between the cultural codes. In every culture foods preparation, way of serving and consumption habits play a central role. This central role can be used for a better multicultural integration: this is the simple cornerstone and mission of  foodways.
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Founded January 2015
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