Amir Raveh

Innovation Leader, Entrepreneur, Founder of MG Equity Partners. (UK Investment house).
Author of " Acquired Charisma" 
Amir Raveh is an entrepreneur, mentor Founder of  British "MG Equity Partners" (Investments House), tutor, innovator  and (last but not least!) a soccer player.
In his most recent book "Acquired Charisma," Amir uses a dialectic, light style to lead the reader through a journey of awakening experiences—insights, thought experiments, and failures (all of which are milestones for success)—to form an effective toolbox: the Triple E Model. What characterizes the mindsets of champions? What is the "Gross National Happiness Index" and why is it a critical component of your success? These questions and more are answered in his book and workshops, establishing the foundations of the EEE Model and drawing the outline of a clear and easy path from your raw idea to your peak performance in any field! Amir is a man of a vision set on making the world of entrepreneurship accessible to everybody. In addition to mentoring companies and his own entrepreneurial pursuits, Amir holds workshops and practical courses for both businessmen and students in Ireland, Italy, the UK, South Africa, Slovakia and Israel.

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